Week 5

The children have had another busy week. We have been creating a non-fiction book about penguins. Please come into school to have a look at it. The children are very proud of it.

We have investigating the number 8 counting on and back, writing the number 8, finding different ways of making 8. 

On Tuesday Little Zoo came to visit the children handled a rabbit, snake, a millipede and a giant snail. Gemma told us about the animals and where they lived and what they ate. The children were a credit to the Roebuck school with their manners and behaviour. Well done.

On Thursday we all came to school with a piece of clothing inside out to highlight to the children about Mental health. In reception we read books about when we feel angry or sad. We looked at pictures and talked about how the person was feeling and what we could do if we were feeling like that. We also did some yoga to help us calm when we are feeling angry or sad. 

Next week we are investigating numbers 9 and 10 and thinking about kindness as it is Valentines Day . Our nursery rhym,e of the week is 10 in a Bed. 

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