About Us

We have a lot to celebrate at The Roebuck School and we like to share our achievements with a wide audience.  This may involve the use of photographic or digital images of individuals or groups of children involved in various activities both inside and outside school.

Some of these images may be displayed on our notice boards, in the local or national press and on this web site.

All parents are asked to sign a consent form to allow images of their children on the site and may still ask for an image to be removed if they feel it does not meet the criteria above.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Jill Alexander-Steele - Headteacher

Mrs S Karolia - Deputy Head 
Mrs M Roy - Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion including SENCo
Mr Newsham - Assistant Headteacher and KS2 Leader
Mr R Duck - KS1 Leader
Miss N Konieczek - Curriculum Leader

Mrs S Whittaker - EYFS Leader

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