Wider Curriculum

Below is an outline of the key learning in some of our wider curriculum areas. Files and video links to support our learning can be found at the bottom of the page.


This half-term in our Science lessons our key question is: Is a tree a plant?

We'll be learning:

  • what plants are and how we can identify them
  • the names of different parts of plants and tree
  • how to identify if a tree is evergreen or deciduous


This half-term in our ART lessons we are learning about: Collage

Our Artisit link is: Henri Matisse 

We'll be learning:

  • about the artist Henri Matisse and his 'painting with scissors' technique
  • how to fold, tear, crumple and overlap paper to create a collage
  • how to sort and group materials to provide different effects


This half-term in our History lessons our key question is: What was the impact of the RAFs first jet powered bomber on warfare?

We'll be learning:

  • where aeroplanes are made locally
  • how an aeroplane it built
  • why jet engines are used on planes
  • the impact the jet engine had on warfare