Chestnuts 2020 - 2021

Miss Hughes



Happy Sunday everyone. 
If you are not coming back to school tomorrow I have found this great resource that will help you through the next few weeks. There are even Activity Clubs you can access. 
Follow the lessons each day.
Let me know how you get on and send me some work so I can have a look. 
Take care and stay safe .
Mrs Whittaker





12 th May 

Another activity you can be doing over the next few weeks before you come back to school. If you know your phase 3 tricky words then watch this video and print off the phase 4 word cards on the pupil area, or dojo or tapestry and read them.

Phase 3

Send me a video of you reading them and then spelling them. 



Hello everyone.
I hope you are all happy and well. I would like you to try and do a phonics lesson every day . I have attached a letter for your grown up to read and a link.( This can be found on the pupil area, Tapestry and Dojo )

 Most of you need to start on lesson 1 ai sound ( Reception Summer Term) as a reminder.  Let me know how you get on.

I would like you to do the activities on This weeks lessons are based around the story of The Very Busy Spider. I would love to see your webs and how many flies stick on your web. Make up your own spider number stories ( Look at Tuesday's lesson ) Can you make up a take away story? eg "the very busy spider had 10 flies on his web, he ate 4 how many are left ?"

Let me know how you get on. Enjoy. 

Mrs Whittaker




May 4th

Hello everyone I hope you are all well and staying busy at home. Please show me what you are up to by putting your work on Tapestry , Class Dojo or on here in the pupil area.

Reception children, as well as your home learning grid activties I would like to remind yourselves about the sounds. ai,ee,igh,oa and oo.  I have added a list of word for you to read  on the pupil area and then have a go at writing them yourself. Also to work on your numbers to 20 recognising them, writing them, ordering them and finding 1 less than that number eg 1 less than 16 is 15.


See you soon. 

Mrs Whittaker 




Happy Monday everyone.

I hope you are all well and ready for your next week of learning and fun. You should have all received your home learning grid to work through over the next few weeks but there are a few other things you can be looking at. Please show me what you are up to by putting your work on Tapestry , Class Dojo or on here in the pupil area. 


This week in phonics I want you to work on the phonemes air, ure, and er. Click on this link to help you. See if you can find some words with these phonemes in and have a go at writing a simple sentence. eg I can sit on a chair. (Remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.). Also Alphablocks Volume 3 Episode 16 is good to watch as well

In Maths you can work on White Rose Activties It is all based round The Night Pirates.

Have a great week On Friday 1st May it is Book Trust Pyjamarama Day. There are lots of ideas and stories to watch on the site. You could send me a photo of reading and book or doing one of the activities. Have Fun.


Stay Safe Mrs Whittaker 


Welcome to Chestnut - Reception

Class Teacher - Mrs Patel/ Mrs Whittaker

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Mumby and Miss Crewe


Hi Everyone,

I hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well. It feels really strange not seeing you all to ask about your Easter break. Both myself and the other EYFS staff are missing you all.

You will all be receiving a pack through the post with a new home learning grid inside, filled with activities for you to do. We understand that you don't always have access to a computer or the internet so we have tried to include activities that you can do without using the internet wherever possible. There are weblinks, but these are extra if you do have access.

I have attached a copy of the learning grid and the accompanying letter into the homework section in your pupil area and into the home learning section above.

Please don't forget to upload any work that you have done, either in a word document or by taking pictures, then I can have a look at it and provide you with some feedback.

If you have any questions or just fancy a chat, please get in touch.

Fingers crossed, I'll see you all soon.

Mrs Whittaker blush




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